Primo Ceramic Grills For Sale

The ONLY Ceramic Grill Made in the USA!!

Ceramic Grill For Sale in PA
Ceramic Grill For Sale in PA
Primo Ceramic Grill For Sale
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Great Taste with Primo Ceramic Grills in Lancaster PA

Primo Ceramic Grills are more than a hot dog grill! Our ceramic grills for sale are some of the most versatile outdoor cookers on the market. Use it as a grill, outdoor oven, a grill roaster or a smoker all by simply making a few configuration adjustments. Whether you are looking for our Kamado Ceramic Grill or a larger grill for grilling, smoking or roasting your food, you will love the Primo Ceramic Grills. Visit our Hardscape Supply Store and see the wide selection of Primo Ceramic Grills For Sale or visit the Primo Website and read the Primo Ceramic Grill story.

Ceramic Grills for sale in PA, DE, MD

Proudly Made in the USA

Primo is the ONLY CERAMIC GRILL Made in the USA. We use domestic raw materials, and the firing and assembly all take place at our headquarters in Tucker, Georgia. We are extremely proud of the American ingenuity and quality craftsmanship in each of our ceramic grills.

Ceramic Grills made in USA
Ceramic Grill For Sale

Grilling with a Ceramic Grill

Whether you want to char broil steaks, chicken or other foods directly over the charcoal fire, this is a possibility in the Ceramic Grills for outdoor cooking from Sauders.

Ceramic Smoker Grill

Grill or Roast with a Ceramic Oven

Use indirect and direct cooking zones all at once. Grill meat on one side while roasting tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side in this ceramic bbq grill.

Smoking with a Ceramic Grill

Baking, Roasting and Smoking

Want to use your Primo Ceramic Grill as a an oven or smoker? Cook at low to medium temperatures for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat Deflectors/Racks Required)

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