Let there be light!  | Landscape Lighting for Your Hardscape Patio, Walkway, Walls or Pillars

It is impossible to deny that different lights affect our daily lives in different ways. Lights can create just the right atmosphere to impact our emotions, moods and feelings. Lights can make you feel cozy, safe and even change our feelings of sadness into happiness. Lights can chase way our feelings of fears and give us a feeling of safety. That is why adding landscape lighting to your hardscape project whether it be a patio or driveway is a great idea!

Setting the Mood with Landscape Lighting on Your Patio

A properly lit patio offers you an oasis for relaxation, a safe haven to recharge after the busyness of a long day as well as a great functional place to entertain your family and friends while creating awesome memories to treasure for years to come. There are different LANDSCAPE LIGHTING techniques to feature and set the mood for your outdoor living spaces. Visit our hardscape supplies showroom which features many landscape patio lighting options to help you find out what lighting techniques would work the best for your outdoors and hardscaping projects!

Beauty Enhanced with Patio Landscape Lighting

Enhance the rustic look and beauty of your installed retaining walls, pillars and seating walls by strategically installing landscape and patio lights. The subtle use of lights will heighten the visual curb appeal of your home.

Stop dreaming of what it could be, come to Sauder’s Hardscape Supply and let us help you make your dreamed hardscape lighting project a beautiful reality! We will both help you find the best lighting solution for your patio or driveway and connect you with the right hardscape contractor to do the hardscape design and installation. Fill out the form to find a hardscape contractor in your area.

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Safety from Patio Lighting Features

Installing landscape lighting in your steps and risers, walkways and driveway provide an element of safety for you, your family and guest visiting your home. Light up your hardscape project by installing outdoor landscape and patio lights and welcome your guests into the safety of your home.

Cost Effective LED Landscape Lighting

LED lights have revolutionized the landscape lighting industry. Using LED lights can save you money and in time, you can see a payback on your initial investment. LED Lights are energy efficient and can increase their performance by using a properly designed fixture. LED lights are long lasting with a life expectancy of  30,000 to 50,000 hours or more depending on the quality  and number of lumens of the light bulb.

Why not have a well illuminated outdoor living space, save energy and money at the same time?

Large Selection of Patio and Driveway Lighting

Here at Sauder’s Hardscape Supply we understand that selecting the right outdoor lighting is not an easy process as there are many products to chose in today’s market; that is why we like to invite you to visit our indoor showroom to see a beautiful display of installed lights and fixtures. We have lights available for immediate purchase and our special order program allow us to have access to thousands of lights from different suppliers available to you via special order!

Landscape Lighting Installation Tips

Low voltage lighting requires little maintenance and presents no risk of electrical shock  injury. In most cases a certified electrician is not required to install low voltage lighting. However there are some regulations that need to be followed by the installer.

Be sure to always follow all the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.  Once you have selected your lights and the number of lights to be installed, then you can chose the proper wattage capacity of the transformer you are going to need for your lights. Do not max out your transformer capacity just in case you want to add more lights later. There are different methods to connect your lights. Contact Sauders Hardscape Supply or visit us to discuss the particulars of your lighting project. We are ready and willing to answer your questions !