Turf Paver Systems

Unique and innovative, Turf Paver Systems allow water to quickly percolate into the ground and also add a green touch to your permeable pavement system. Get in touch by visiting us or fill out the form for a Free Consultation.


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Flagstone Patio Stone from EP Henry
Flagstone Pavers for a Patio or Walkway
Beautiful Natural Stone for a Patio
Turk Pavers

Turf Pavers from EP Henry

Turf Pavers from offer a 40% Open Area. They are not recommended for heavy traffic areas but could be used for extra parking or light trails that need a permeable pavement system. Turf Pavers are not recommended for vehicular traffic.

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Turf Paver Systems in PA

Turf Pavers from Newline

Newline Turfstone™ is a thick, square slab with open grids that allow water to permeate through the system. Turfstone can be used for overflow parking, fire lanes, erosion control and parking lots where permeable paving is required.

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Antika Pavers from Techo Bloc

Antika Pavers from Techo Bloc can be a great way of adding character to your driveway or patio. Get 500+ pages of supplier’s catalogs that will inspire your Antika Driveway project. Download a Catalog.

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