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Easy Joint Paving Compound

Easy Paving Joint Compound

We are excited to be a Distributor for EASY Joint! A state of the art, environmentally safe and proven joint compound used in many parts of Europe and now available to the North American market!
EASY Joint is an ALL weather paving joint compound. EASY Joint is the FIRST joint material designed to be applied over wet surfaces for natural stone, concrete, clay & porcelain pavers!
Its easy application allows both the creative DIY and the professional contractor to use EASY Joint in joints ranging from 3/16” – 5” wide. For more information call us now @ 717 354 5570 or click on the tab below. Place your order today!

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Easy Joint Colors Choices


easy joint buff color

Buff Sand

Stone Grey


Jet Black

Benefits and Features of the Easy Joint Compound

  • EASY Joint gives you a much greater working window than another hardscape joint material like polymeric sand. It is installed wet! You can now cut wet to eliminate dust, wash your patio off and finish jointing your patio all the same day!
  • No more worrying about a thunderstorm coming up and compromising your finished product. Easy Joint can be installed in the rain!
  • EASY Joint compound installation is easy. The compound is washed into the joint by using plenty of water before and during the application of EASY Joint. All you need is a hose, squeegee and broom and plenty of water.
  • EASY Joint is formulated not to haze or stain concrete or natural stone paving materials. No more dust filling the paving pores and creating a dull lackluster look.
  • EASY Joint works for joints with widths greater than 3/16” and can exceed joints widths of 5”.
  • EASY Joint is a no waste product. Simply pour the unused product back into the bucket and cover it with 2” of water, close the bucket and store it away to use in another project. The unused product is reusable for at least 1 year.
  • EASY Joint coverage can vary according to the size of the joints in the natural stone, concrete, clay or porcelain pavers or slabs. Contact your local dealer for coverage information.
Call 717-354-5570 To order
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