A How to on Installing Polymeric Sand on a Hardscape Patio, Walkway or Driveway

Installing polymeric sand on your finished hardscape project must be done with care to ensure a long lasting finish. Improper watering of the polymeric sand in your installed outdoor hardscape patio, walkway or pool project can lead to major problems down the road if not done properly. Applying to much water while installing polymeric sand can wash away the polymers and applying too little can result in an incomplete activation of all polymers. In both cases the stabilization, durability and overall look of the hardscape patio, walkway or hardscape driveway can be jeopardized.

Follow these tips to ensure a proper watering technique for polymeric sands:

  1. After installing hardscape pavers, make sure you have an adjustable water nozzle on your hose. Use the shower setting when it is time to water your polymeric sand.
  2. If your hardscape surface has a slope, start at the lower end and work your way up.
  3. Concentrate in small area of your hardscape patio, driveway or walkway. Around 200 square foot increments is a good rule of thumb.
  4. Generally, you want to perform three rounds of watering on your polymeric sand installation project. The initial showering should be done at a height of about 4′. Wait no more than three or four minutes before performing the second showering at a height about 2′. Lastly, shower and rinse simultaneously at a height of 2′ until you see a build up of white foam or puddles of water in the pavers. Stop watering your hardscape patio, walkway or driveway.
  5. Never allow the surface to dry out during the watering process. On a hot day, you would want to use special caution as you may need to move through the watering process more quickly to prevent premature drying of the sand and hardscape surface.
  6. Be careful not to wash any sand out of the joints during the watering process.
  7. Follow these simple watering techniques and wrap up your polymeric sand project with confidence!

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How to install polymeric sand