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Fire Pit Kits and Supplies

Whether you are a contractor looking for a source for Fire Pit Kits and Supplies, or a homeowner looking for a DIY fire kit for your backyard, we would be delighted to help you find what you need. If your fire pit is part of a larger project and you need to find a contractor to install it, we’d love to connect you with one of our 250+ contractors to do the job. You can Visit our Indoor Showroom, Find a Pro or Call us now to take the next steps!

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EP Henry Fire Pits Kits and Supplies
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Newline Hardscape Materials for a Fire Pit
Patio Fire Pit Materials for a DIYer

Fire Pit Kits from EP Henry

Build your favorite spot in the backyard with Fire Pit Kits from EP Henry. You will enjoy the warmth of the fire as you build family ties and develop memories while gathered around the fire in the backyard or patio. If you visit our showroom, we can help you find a design that fits your needs and even connect you with one of our contractors to install your patio and fire pit kit. Or you can click below and gain access to our suppliers’ catalogs. We have over 500 pages of resources available for Free!

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Concrete Pavers Newline Hardscapes

Fire Pit Materials from Newline

Are you a Pennsylvania native and want to support the local economy and get a beautiful patio fire kit at the same time? Then consider the Newline Hardscape option for a Backyard Fire Pit Kit that will keep your relationships warmer for many months of the year. Combine their fire kit materials with a Smokeless Fire Pit and you could enjoy the backyard without the annoyance of smoke burning your eyes! Get started with inspiration for your design with our Free catalogs featuring 500+ pages of content.

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Techo Bloc Concrete and Slab Pavers For Sale in PA

Modern Fire Pit Kits from Techo Bloc

Get your Modern Fire Pit Materials from Techo Bloc and transform your backyard into a talking point. Besides the beautiful modern look, you will find a place of warmth and relationship around the fire. You can begin several ways.

  1. Visit our large indoor showroom so you can touch and feel the products (Or call us at 717-354-5570)
  2. Fill out the form to Find a Pro and we’ll connect you with a reputable hardscape contractor
  3. Download a catalog to inspire your thoughts on your patio and Fire Pit
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Zentro Fire Pit Kits in Lancaster PA

Smokeless Fire Pit Kits from Zentro

Imagine enjoying an evening around the fire without the smoke getting into your eyes! You know how it is with a campfire. The smoke keeps moving as the breeze direction keeps changing and by the time you get to bed, your eyes are burning! The Zentro Smokeless Fire Pit Kits solve that problem and allows you to focus on enjoying the people around the fire and building those relationships.

If you are avid DIYer, we even offer a video to help you build your own Smokeless fire pit. And they are built in Lancaster County, PA!

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