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Patio Seating Wall Supplies

A Patio Wall should be more than just a wall. Buy the supplies you need to incorporate seating into your patio wall. We carry Patio Seating Wall Supplies from Techo Bloc, Newline Hardscapes and EP Henry. Visit our Indoor Showroom, Find a Pro or Call us now to take the next steps!

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Patio Seating Wall Supplies from EP Henry
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Newline Hardscape Concrete Seating Wall Blocks
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Patio Seating Wall Materials from EP Henry

Create a real backyard getaway with Patio Seating Walls Supplies from EP Henry. With any hardscape patio project, there are countless ways to design it. A great way to begin is by clicking below and perusing our 500+ pages of catalogs filled with ideas. Or you can fill out the Free Consultation form and we’ll be happy to connect you with one of our professional contractors who can design and install your patio with seating walls.

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Newline Seating Wall Supplies

If you visit our showroom, we have patio seating wall supplies on display and tens of thousands of in-stock items on our lot. Whether you are doing your own project, hiring a hardscape professional to do it or you are a contractor looking for seating wall supplies, we carry a full line of Newline Hardscape supplies. You can inspire your design with our Free catalogs featuring 500+ pages of content.

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Seating Wall Blocks from Techo Bloc

If you are a looking for a specific Seating Wall Block style built by Techo Bloc, it’s quite possible we would either have it in stock or have quick access to finding what you need. You can begin several ways.

  1. Visit our large indoor showroom so you can touch and feel the products (Or call us at 717-354-5570)
  2. Fill out the form to Find a Pro and we’ll connect you to a reputable hardscape contractor
  3. Download a catalog to inspire your thoughts on your patio
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