Lighting Features

Our lighting features

How many times have you come home in the middle of the night stumbling from the car to the front door? A little extra light shed on the pathway would do wonders to alleviate this problem. You can buy outdoor landscape lighting to help solve that problem. There are hundreds of choices in outdoor lighting features and it making the right choice depends on the purpose you wish to accomplish. That is why we highly recommend coming to our large hardscape showroom where you can see various kinds of lighting features on display. Our team would love to help you design the right outdoor lighting ambiance you are looking for. Whether you are a DIYer or a hardscape contractor, our doors are open! We primarily serve customers in PA, NJ, DE, and MD and offer outdoor and landscape lighting supplies for wholesale or retail.

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Step & Wall lighting

Our lighting fixtures fit discreetly into walls and under caps, making them barely noticeable by day. At night, your hardscape walls will come to life with Integral Lighting. We will work with you to make sure your unique environment is fitted and designed to match your taste.

Paver Inserts

Landscapers and property owner use paver lights to dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home. From patios, to walkways, gardens, and more. Customize your pathways with our professional quality LED paver insert. These Lighting Features are sure to provide an element of safety, and visual enhancement.

Path Lighting

Add lights that accent your landscape with your own personal touch using our customized Path Lighting options. Whether it’s your driveway or walkway, we have lights that blend well with any landscape tone and style.  Call us today and tell us about your outdoor light needs and our professionals will help add a glow to your space.

Deck Lighting

Our stock of LED fixtures are perfect for illuminating steps and risers in traditional or modern decking construction. Our precise and concealed lighting produces a noticeable effect while adding safety and ambiance without a glare.


If you need certain accessories for your project, then have a look at our stock of accessories. With our transformers, integrators, connectors and low voltage cables, you can find the perfect accessory that you need for your lighting needs.

Replacement Bulbs

Is your bulb worn out or do you have a dud? Check out our Replacement Bulbs. Our stock of bulbs come with packs of 5 or 10 depending on your project. Guaranteed to illuminate and bring your space to life.

Download a Catalog

Get a yard full of ideas from our supplier catalogs where you'll find hundreds of pages of free ideas to help you in your design decisions. .

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Give Your Home An Inviting place to relax and entertain

We can help with Do-it-Yourself supplies or provide a design for professional installation. Its time to start dreaming!