Brick Patio Pavers

You can still have the old-fashioned Brick Pavers look for your patio or driveway. But with the evolving world of brick patio pavers, there are now as many variables as there are homes where those brick pavers can be installed. You can combine various BRICK PAVERS to create a custom style specific to you.

We carry three of the major brands of Brick Patio Pavers and would love to assist in helping you find the pieces you need for that unique look.

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EP Henry Brick Patio Pavers For Sale in Lancaster, PA
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Brick Pavers from EP Henry

With EP Henry Brick Paver Collections, you will find a wide variety. If you want a budget friendly brick paver, see the Imperial Paver Collection, if you prefer a warm and natural look, the Coventry Line will give you that and if you want a smooth and easy to clean surface, then consider the Standard Pavers.

For getting your mind and imagination going, click to download the catalogs. We offer 500+ pages of content full of ideas and DIY tips for getting your patio or driveway just right.

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Brick Patio Pavers For Sale

Brick Patio Pavers from Newline

Newline is the locally made brand if you are looking for Brick Patio Pavers in PA. While you’re putting in the new patio or driveway, supporting the local economy is just an extra bonus to your fellow Pennsylvanian.

Check out the Newline Hardscape look in their catalog. And if you go to download the catalog, we’ll also give you access to over 500 pages of ideas and other catalog content to inspire your designs.

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Brick Pavers from Techo Bloc

Techo Bloc Brick Pavers are a very popular and stable brand that gives you a wide range of quality choices for your patio or driveway. Whether you want a traditional look or a modern design, Techo Bloc hardscape pavers have you covered.

If you visit our showroom, you can see the BRICK PATIO PAVER variations, touch the designs and be inspired even more for getting your own brick patio going. For now, don’t miss the 500+ pages of content on our catalog download page.

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