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Our stock of high-performance epoxy paving joint compounds are heavy-duty, durable, and made for use in heavy impact traffic areas. These paving joint mortars are fully resistant to high-pressure water, street cleaners, prevent weed growth, and eliminate damage by insects. Check out our stock below!

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EasyJoint paver joint compound is the original all-weather joint compound that was designed for contractors and homeowners alike. Whether you’re a veteran contractor or a DIYer, wet sand is one of the best options for patio jointing due to its durability and how easy it is to apply on your patio. Check it out down below!

About EasyJoint Paver Joint Compound

EasyJoint makes life easier for contractors and homeowners! A wet sand paver joint compound that is very quick, effective, and simple to install. It is also aesthetically pleasing once it dries and sets. You can use this amazing product for all types of paving material. All you need is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. Its ease of use is highlighted in its name! Simply soak your working area with water and sweep and wash EasyJoint in. No need to kneel or compress material by hand.

EasyJoint is also durable and has a longer lifespan compared to poly sand, can be applied in the rain, and is the original “all-weather paver joint compound.” Check out EasyJoint today!

GFTK 2-Part Resin Joint Compounds

GFTK’s 2-part resin line is the new kid on the block! Poly sand and wet sands have been around for a while but this 2-part resin joint compound is not well known in the North American hardscape scene. GFTK’s products are the highest quality paver joint compounds available in the market with a 20+ year lifespan. Check it out down below!

About GFTK 2-Part Resin Patio Joint Compounds

GFTK’s 2-part resin paver joint compounds are brand new products in the North American hardscaping scene. Originating from Europe, GFTK’s products have been researched and developed for over 30+ years! Unlike poly sand or wet sand, GFTK’s 2-part resin joint compounds have a lifespan of 20+ years with correct installation. You can apply them on patios, driveways, and commercially on streets! GFTK products are permeable and can be applied in the rain!

Some benefits of GFTK 2-part resin paver joint compound include high resistance against frost and cold weather, long lifetime (20+ years), and permeability. You can also pressure wash over the 2 part resin patio joint compounds with no problems. Check out GFTK’s products today!

Perma Edge

Standard paver edging can be annoying, especially if you have the wrong product. See why Perma Edge is the quickest, and easiest paver edging to install! Perma edge is 700% more flexible and 40% more permeable than standard concrete! Check out Perma Edge down below!

About Perma Edge

Perma Edge is a long-lasting border protector for any paver project! Perma Edge is easy to install and costs similar to traditional plastic edging with spikes but is more durable and can withstand harsh freeze and thaw cycles. Scientifically engineered and formulated to strengthen the integrity of all paver projects, this product will withstand the test of time!

Perma Edge is similar to concrete in its durability and strength but will flex and allow water to actually pass through it. The beauty of research gone into Perma Edge means that it will actually flex with your patio or walkway. It’s also more permeable compared to other concrete or mortar paver edging.

See why Perma Edge is superior against the competition and check it out today!

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