Tools For Purchase Or Rent

To be successful in your hardscaping project, you need sturdy, reliable, and quality tools. Sauders offers purchasable tools through our online store and offers rentable tools for DIYers and seasoned contractors. We believe in providing every customer with a fair price and durable tools so you can get your hardscaping done efficiently. Contact us for more information about our tools and how to rent!

Tools For Rent

Sauders Hardscaping offers hardscaping tools for rent. Homeowners, Do-it-Yourself Hardscapers and hardscape contractors alike can find an assortment of machines and hand tools to tackle any hardscaping job. Some of the products we offer for sale or rent include IQ dustless table saws and hand saws, Weber Mt plate tampers and rolling compactors, block splitters, paver carriers and slab placers. Make leveling the base of your hardscape project a breeze by renting one of our laser grade levels. Save time and labor by having the right tools for the job!

Tools For Sale

We carry a variety of quality hardscape hand tools for sale. Our hardscaping tools are made by leading manufacturers in the hardscape industry such as Ox, Wolverine, Pave Tool, Corona, Pave Tech, Hutton Tool and Gro Mor. Whether you need to purchase shovels, rakes, levels, mallets, screed tools, hammers or other hardscaping tools you can find them at Sauder’s Hardscape Supply! Take a look at our hydro broom.

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