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Quality Paver Retaining Walls, Double Sided Walls…

Building a Retaining Wall in PA

Segmental Retaining Walls

Protect your landscape from eroding by building a retaining wall with our top quality segmental wall blocks. Built to survive decades, our retaining wall products help eliminate steep grade and maximize your property space. Call to talk to us about options for building a retaining wall on your property.

Building a Retaining Wall

Double Sided Patio Walls

Build a double-sided wall to provide a finishing element to your landscaping project. Our two sided walls give a classical look to a modern quality product. With our many tone and style options for hardscape wall products, we can build double sided walls, raised seating areas, borders, and columns that provide a functional outdoor living space.

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Patio Retaining and Seating Walls

How about building a retaining wall that serves more than one purpose? We offer hardscape supplies to help you build a patio wall for seating and at the same time retaining a raised patio. Although Building a Retaining Wall helps manage your property, walls also provide color to your outdoor surrounding

Field Stone for Retaining Wall

Outcropping Boulder Walls

Outcropping Boulders add a bold design that adds to the natural look of your hardscape or landscape project. Whether you are looking for natural stone for landscaping or engineered outcropping boulders for a hardscape project, we offer options. Call to talk to us about options for building a boulder retaining wall on your property.

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