Fireplace & Fire Pit 3D Designs

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Sauders Hardscape Supply offers two design services. First, we offer a project consultation that will guide you through the planning process. Secondly, we offer 3D design services that will help you visualize your completed project before you begin construction. If you are only interested in a project consultation and not a 3D design, fill out our information request form.

For a fee, our skilled 3D Hardscape Designer, Josiah, understands how to listen to your ideas and create visually what you explain and will work with you to create a 3D model of your project.

See A Few of our Fireplace and fire pit 3D Designs Types Below!

Outdoor Kitchen and Fire pit 3D Design

This customer’s hardscape project includes an outdoor kitchen design and fire pit. An outdoor project like this will make your house the go-to gathering spot for family and friends. Elegant and classy, this outdoor space will provide you with ample space to hold any type of event in your backyard!

Outdoor Fire place and pizza oven 3D design

A design like this is perfect for pool parties and gathering with your loved ones. This hardscape project provides a fun and classic backyard look with the addition of a pizza oven for cookouts.

Outdoor Table and fire place 3D design

Imagine a quiet summer night with your friends. The slight breeze brushing through your hair, the warmth of the fire heating up your skin. A project like this opens up lots of opportunities for your backyard. Gather around the fireplace for a fun night out with your loved ones!

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We can help with Do-it-Yourself supplies or provide a design for professional installation. Its time to start dreaming!