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Join us on May 25th from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Sauder’s Hardscape Supply for an Extravaganza full of fun and food!
We will have giveaways, free food, custom wood-grilled pizzas, hot dogs, and smores. We will also have an ice cream sundae bar and a bounce house for the children!

Hardscaping Training & Education

Take The first step

We know how daunting starting something new can be. You don’t know anything about it and are nervous to take that first step. Sauders Hardscape Supply believes in making hardscaping easier for customers who are new to the setting. We want to show everyone that with the right resources and the right help, hardscaping doesn’t have to be hard. We make sure that all of our customers are up to date with the latest information in the hardscape installation field. Stay educated about hardscape installation and learn more with the videos down below.

In-Depth Look Into Natural Stone

In this video, James Stoltzfus and Burt Hey from Sauders Hardscape Supply provide an in-depth look at Natural Stone and a quick demo of how it’s prepared. Sharing with you the quality and variation found in Natural Stones as well as their purpose, where they can be applied, so you can make the right choice for hardscaping in your home or your hardscaping project.  

Easy Joint Guide

Azpects EasyJoint is the gold standard of wet-sweep compound that is available across the nation. Quick, effective, and aesthetically pleasing because of its array of colors, the EasyJoint will make your life, and your jobs easier. All you need to do is simply soak the paver with water before starting and sweep as you wash the EasyJoint into the joints. Yes, that means because of it being a wet-sweep compound, you can work rain or shine, so you can stop delaying projects and get paid.

Trass Bed System Demonstration

The porcelain, trass bed system, and the GFTK resin used in this video are all available at Sauders Hardscape Supply. We are using the best materials we can with this trass bed system. With the help of our 2 part resin line, the driveway system will be more durable, and long-lasting. We are very excited about this project and can’t wait to see how it ends up.

Superior Auger Mixer Guide

Watch this video to see how our Superior Auger Mixer beats the competition with efficiency, and what it can do for you. It takes a lot of effort and energy to run other types of mixers but with the Superior Auger Mixer guide, it mixes from bottom to top and takes very little power to run. Check it out to the left!

GFTK Testimonial From Contractor

Willowgate Landscaping did a marvelous job on this driveway! Using Techo-Bloc Blu 80 Slate HD and GFTK’s 2-part resin, they were able to produce a magnificent project. Gone are the days of flooded driveways and dull asphalt projects. A permeable paver system in your driveway is more attractive, eco-friendly, and most importantly, durable and functional.

GFTK Testimonial From Homeowner

Meet George! George was ready to start on an all-new permeable jointing compound project for his backyard. He was hesitant on using regular poly sand and other jointing solutions with his porcelain pavers because of the issues poly sand suffers with power washing and other things. That’s when he reached out to us and took a chance with GFTK’s new 2-part resin epoxy jointing compound

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