Learn How to Build a Fire Pit in the Backyard

Fall season is here, and with it, the time to gather family and friends around a backyard fire pit has arrived. The scent and crackle sounds of the burning wood provide the perfect background for a time of relaxation and the frame for some great memories of a fall evening. You can build your own fire pit with a few tips from Sauders Hardscape Supply. Read on and learn HOW TO BUILD A FIRE PIT in a weekend!

Note: It is always a good idea to check your local township regulations on building a backyard fire pit before starting your project.

Here is a step by step guide to building your own dream backyard fire pit.

  1. First, choose the location for your Do-it-Yourself Backyard Fire Pit. Do this by finding a level place to install the fire pit in the backyard. Make sure it is not to close to your home or other buildings to ensure no embers from the fire land on the building. We recommend keeping the backyard fire pit a minimum of 15 feet from your home or other outbuilding.  If you want to know how to prepare the place for your fire pit, talk with our sales rep when you visit our location. They will be happy to give you direction in how to prepare for the fire pit.
  2. Choose your design for the backyard fire pit. There are very simple square fire pit designs like the one in the photo above. Or maybe you want to know how to build a round fire pit with a little extra flare. While they all do the same thing, choosing the style of your fire pit is important when you go to order supplies for your DIY fire pit.
  3. Next, you will need to find out the options for hardscape supplies to build the fire pit. Sauders Hardscape provides many options when it comes to supplies to build a backyard fire pit. You will need fire rated brick, natural stone, fire pit caps and more. Visit our 5000 square foot hardscape supplies showroom and find out what we have to offer. Our sales team will be sure you get all the parts you need for your DIY fire pit and help you with the ideas on how to build a fire pit.
  4. When you choose the product from our many options, there are several ways to get it to your location. You can bring your own truck and deliver the hardscape supplies to your home. Or you can hire our delivery crew to bring sand, stone and all the hardscape supplies you need for the fire pit project.

How to build a Fire Pit Foundation

The fire pit should be installed in a well compacted ¾ clean stone base (minimum 4″ deep + the height of you block material). Depending on the thickness of the material, the first and second row of block should be embedded below ground level. Make sure the base is at least 12″ bigger than the actual size of the fire pit base measurements, this will give you 6″ of extra base around the fire pit.

The first row(s) of block(s) need to be perfectly level, set the rows one at the time adjusting the blocks, as necessary, in the correct position before they are glued permanently. Use only heat resistant adhesive. As you build up your fire pit, make sure that the rows are placed in a “running bond” setup, they should be stacked offsetting the seams (like in the picture above). Keep placing the rows until you achieve the desired height. Last, install the fire pit coping to finish the project. The coping does not need to be glued in place. Note: Some blocks have a finished surface and do not require coping as the final touch for your fire pit.

How to build a Concrete Foundation for a Fire Pit

When installing a diy fire pit on top of a concrete base or on concrete pavers, make sure you fill the inside of the fire pit with a layer of ¾ clean stone or sand material. This will allow the filtration of any rainstorm water.

Follow the steps listed above leveling your first row, place the second row and make the necessary adjustments before applying the heat resistant adhesive. Continue to add your rows until the desired height of your fire pit has been accomplish then place your fire pit caps. Do not glue the fire pit caps. For this application, it is recommended to replace the sand or ¾ clean stone in the beginning of each season before the fire pit is used. This will ensure the proper draining of any storm water.

Consider Building a Gas Conversion Fire Pit with our Accessories

At Sauders we carry many items related to building a backyard fire pit. Call our team to find out what is available for a gas conversion kit for the backyard fire pit you wish to create. We would love to help you find the solution that is best for you!

To help your do-it-yourself fire pit last for years to come, always install a metal fire pit insert. It will act as an insulator between the radiant heat from the fire and the blocks. Depending on the size and shape of your fire, the insert might need to be costume made.

Now that you know how to build a fire pit in your backyard, how about you share you experience with others. Share photos with Sauders or email us with your experience. We’d love to hear more!

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