Quarry Cut Stone

QuarryCut thin stone is beautiful, natural and durable. Best of all, it’s available in a countless array of colors, shapes, and styles. You can blend hues, add a special touch with mortar, and design the look of your dreams. As you enjoy the wonderful stone veneer installations found throughout this website, please remember that we can create almost anything using real thin cut stone. So, if you love a certain shade or shape, it can be installed wherever you want.

Established in 1998, QuarryCut pioneered the thin stone industry. More economical than 6″ stone – and more enduring than imitation veneers – the building stone is beautiful, easy to install and add lasting value to any home. Never dyed, never treated with chemicals, the natural thin stone is a treasure for the ages, all locally sourced and never imported. QuarryCut is American owned and operated, with quarries throughout the country.

QuarryCut owns or has exclusive rights to the quarries – which ensures superior pricing and unmatched attention to detail. The mountains yield outstanding varieties of color and shape, allowing QuarryCut to complement any aesthetic, any style, anywhere in the U.S. Quarry Cut Stone has mastered packaging and trucking to get the natural stone veneer delivered quickly and efficiently. Visit the QuarryCut Website for the full collection of veneer stones.

Heritage Tan-Irregular Quarry Cut Stone

Heritage Tan – Irregular Quarry Cut Stone

Fancy your home with esthetically pleasing Heritage Tan Quarry Cut Stone to add character and beauty to your home. The Irregular shape of the Heritage Tan style is perfect for any hardscape project. When you purchase your QuarryCut Stones from Sauders Hardscape Supply, we would happily connect you with a trusted installer. Call 717-354-5570 or give us a visit at our showroom in New Holland, PA to get started.

High Point – Ledge Quarry Cut Stone

If sophistication and unique style are what you are seeking for your home, then the High Point Quarry Cut Stone is the right fit for you. The High Point Collection comes in three different shapes; Squares and Strips, Ledge and Irregular. For a completely different look, consider using a variation of these shapes. Call Us today to schedule a showroom visit for a preview of High Point Quarry Cut Stones for your home, an outdoor wall or interior fireplace stone.

Dark Mica Quarry Cut Stone - Squares and Strips

Dark Mica – Square and Strips

The Dark Mica Collection will give you endless choices in stone veneer from square and strips to the ledge to irregular. Dark Mica is noted for shape, it’s texture and the character it reflects. The Dark Mica can be ordered through Sauders Hardscape Supply and delivered right to your home. Call us now at 717-354-5570 to get started.

Historic Boston Quarry Cut Stone – Squares and Strips

Historic Boston is one of our top selling veneer stones. This veneer stone is beautiful, easy to install and will add long-lasting value to your home or business. Quarry Cut Stone is now available at Sauders so if you are a contractor or a homeowner,  contact us to get set up to purchase this beautiful stone today!

50% Dark-50% Brown-Irregular Quarry Cut Stone

50% Dark / 50% Brown – Irregular Quarry Cut Stone

This Irregular Quarry Cut Stone will add value you to any hardscape project. The 50% Dark and 50% Brown colorway is visually pleasing and can be used anywhere in your home. This QuarryCut Stone can be ordered through Sauders Hardscape Supply and delivered right to your home. Call us now at 717-354-5570 to place your order and get started with improving your outdoor living space today!

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