Sauder’s Hardscape Testimonials

Great Customer Service

They have great customer service. Better than any in the industry.


Great Service

These people offer great service and have wide range of products to choose from, They also seem to have quality products. Wonderful people to work with.


Fantastic Customer Service

We at Knutsen Landscaping have benefitted greatly from working with Sauder’s Hardscape Supply. They have fantastic customer service, great material selection, they deliver on-time, and their training events are both professional and very helpful. On top of all of that, they are passionate to stay up to date on the latest trends and materials in the hardscaping industry. We highly recommend Sauder’s Hardscape Supply to anyone looking for quality products matched with professional customer service!

Knutsen Landscaping

The Place for Go for Hardscape Projects

Sauder’s Hardscape Supply is the place to go for any hardscape project. The staff is great. Resources of info for each step of a project whether it be specific for install, pricing or wide variety of products.

Their showroom is thorough in showing how most of their project appear when installed. I would recommend Sauder’s Hardscape for anyone trying something in their backyard to commercial builders.

I’m a happy customer for 15 years.

Thanks Sauders

Jesse Kinsinger
Forest Ridge Landscaping

Very Helpful!

The folks at Sauder’s, Burt in particular, were great in helping us find the right products for an indoor fireplace. We were having trouble deciding on the hearth but they worked with us on finding the perfect product with regards to color, size and availability.

Brian Horning

Great Service!

Friendly, prompt, efficient service, great product, good price, an overall experience that will keep me coming back. Thank you!

Chuck Vuolo

Excellent Customer Service!

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable people and product selection at a fair price.

Rob D

Knowledgeable Staff

Sauder’s has a knowledgeable staff and a hardworking yard and delivery crew. As a contractor, it’s been a pleasure working with such a professional vendor.

Their showroom is great. I love sending customers there to help with their decision making process.
Daniel Carl

Great Service

Great customer service and knowledgeable staff

Standard Boisen

Great Variety

Sauder’s Hardscape Supply offer’s a great variety of products for outdoor living.

KDC Schedule

Best Hardscape Store

Best hardscape supply store I’ve found.
Arlin Hurst

Great Contractor Service

This is our go-to for our hardscape supplies. A great showroom displaying their products and product knowledge to back it up. Thank you to Sauder’s for your great Contractor Service!

Shertzer Lawncare and Landscape

These Guys Are Helpful!

We bought many things from Sauders, including our most recent purchase: a block fireplace with insert. The guys here are always so helpful! They can literally answer every question and give you some great ideas. Great business to work with!

June Malocu

Great Variety of Products

They have a good variety of Landscape and Hardscaping supplies, tools and materials!! Always a pleasure to work with!!

John Stoltzfus

Always Great Service

Sauders is a great place to buy hardscaping materials. Always great service, great display, and a friendly face.

Meanix Landscaping Inc.

Large selection of products

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Large selection of products

Connor Diver

Great Customer Service!

Very good customer service. They were really helpful and knew exactly what I needed to make my patio pavers really stand out. They really excel in helping you the homeowner find exactly what you need, and a great place to meet with your contractor too.

Cory Quinet

Healthier and Sustainable

The microbes from Wind River is a healthier, more sustainable, resourceful product that doesn’t harm any of our environment… It only helps.


Greg Collins
Cotton Farmer

Restore OKC Using Soil Care

SoilCare helps speed up the germination process and can even be mixed into your watering pitcher for container gardens.

Vinita Newman
Urban Farmer

hardscape patio with pergola and fireplace lancaster pa

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