Special Features

Hardscape accessories are a perfect addition to spice up your backyard and patio. There are lots of options including fire features, water features, and lighting features. Fire hardscape accessories include things such as fire pits and outdoor fire places. Water hardscape accessories include materials for pools, fountains, and more. Finally, lighting hardscape accessories include patio lighting, walkway lighting, pool lights, and more.


Water Features

Water is an amazing soother. The sound of water has a way of calming and relaxing our senses. Imagine the sound of water in your backyard all summer long. Water features for your landscape come in many varying designs. Whether you want fountains, pools, bridges or more, we can help you find exactly what you need.

water hardscape accessories

Lighting Features

If you’re like most of us, you despise coming home in the dark of night and stumbling from the car to the front door. A little extra light shed on the pathway would do wonders to alleviate this problem. You can buy outdoor landscape lighting to help solve that problem. Whether you are a DIYer or a hardscape contractor, our doors are open! We primarily serve customers in PA, NJ, DE and MD and offer outdoor and landscape lighting supplies for wholesale or retail.

lighting hardscape accessories

Contractor Showcase

hardscape patio with pergola and fireplace lancaster pa

Give Your Home An Inviting place to relax and entertain

We can help with Do-it-Yourself supplies or provide a design for professional installation. Its time to start dreaming!