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Backyard and Outdoor Kitchens

Evenings in the backyard can be more than you ever thought. You know what it’s like to gather boxes of food and supplies and lugging it to the backyard for an evening with family or friends. With a Backyard Kitchen, you have the convenience of having things at your fingertips and enjoyable outdoor living experience!

What do I Need in a Backyard Kitchen?

There are plenty of features available when creating a backyard kitchen for your family. First, you will choose the hardscape patio design that fits your taste. Next, consider if you will install a pergola, gazebo or pavilion to enhance the look and feel of the space. You will also need to decide on whether you want a ceramic grill, blaze grill, a pizza oven, and or a fridge for beverages and much more.

Who will Build my Outdoor Kitchen?

At Sauders Hardscape Supply we work with over 250 contractors. While not all of them would be the best fit for installing an outdoor kitchen, we have many who have plenty of experience in doing just that. Fill out the form to find a PRO and we will connect you to the right hardscape contractor!

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