Techo-Bloc Blu 60 Slate Patio Paver

The best-selling Blu slate patio slab was inspired by natural slate stone. This traditional patio stone comes in multiple sizes for your backyard pool decks, patios & walkways. The same lines and rugged texture as our thicker Blu paver, the same opulent colors and traditional look, Blu 60 Slate slab is the choice for pedestrian areas such as on walkways and patios.

CLASSIFICATION: Walkway and Patio Paver

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Beige Cream, Champlain Grey, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black, Sandlewood, Shale Grey


13×6-1/2 & 13×13 & 13×19-1/2, 6.5×13


Polished, Slate, Smooth

hardscape patio with pergola and fireplace lancaster pa

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