The Hydro Broom makes work easier and faster! It does this by using water that acts as a carrier helping the broom glide effortlessly while sweeping. This reduces the repetitious sweeping and makes clean-up so much easier.
The Hydro Broom makes cleaning sidewalks, driveways, streets, and patios as easy as having someone help you get the job done. In-fact the Hydro Broom was designed to turn two-man jobs into one-man jobs. The Hydro Broom was originally created to help contractors be more efficient in the EasyJoint application. But, it turns out the Hydro Broom makes many other jobs a whole lot easier too! Whether you are a home or business owner, you will find clean-up easier and faster with Hydro Broom.

You are in complete control of water pressure. The Hydro Broom greatly reduces splashing making it a great way to clean garages, outdoor kitchens, or anywhere else where that needs to be splash-free. There are 12 holes to evenly disperse water from the broom head.

The soft professional-grade bristle won’t scratch surfaces and will last you a long while. The broom is made using a quality aluminum so it is light and durable. The Hydro Broom is heavy-duty enough for the professional but easy enough that anyone can use it!

If you are a contractor or a dealer interested in this product visit our SHS Distributors website for more information.