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We at Sauders Hardscape Supply know how hard it can be to find a contractor that you can trust. We want homeowners and business professionals to be able to find great contractors who are known and have a portfolio of high-quality work that speaks for itself. Our Contractors have been trained and certified by our staff.

They will use the very best products on your projects, which will, in turn, last a lifetime. Outdoor Hardscape installations are an amazing way to create spaces for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors all year long! For you now, but with our contractors, they can be enjoyed for generations to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be reaching out to me?

A representative from the contractor that you selected will reach out to you between 3 and 5 business days.

Can I still have a 3D design made?

Yes! Sauders Hardscape Supply is always available to help with free design consultation, fully rendered 3D walkthroughs, and product advice and support.

What if I already have a 3D design?

The 3D designs that Sauders Hardscape Supply creates come automatically with the technical specifications for those who wish to see them.
For most, a design will be completed; then the project plans will be handed off from our design team to the contractor for installation.

Can I View other projects that certain contractors have installed?

Yes! We have a finished projects gallery that can be sorted by each contractor. Additionally, these projects can be sorted by project/installed features type. To see this explorable gallery visit our finished projects page.

What If I can’t remember the name of the contractor I’d like to use?

All Contractors can be viewed in a gallery at the bottom of this page.
Additionally, Contractors and their service locations nearest to you can be found by visiting our featured contractors page.

Can a non Sauders contractor be helped to install A project?

In these cases please message our Sister Company SHS Distributors. They will work with your contractor to help install the desired project.

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Visit our 5,000 square feet indoor hardscape materials showroom in New Holland, PA where you will find hardscape layouts, outdoor kitchen ideas, patio paver designs, patio lighting features, and our high-quality patio furniture all on display. Find the colors and textures that best complement your style, and a guide to help you choose the best combinations for your hardscape project in New Holland, PA. Here you will find hundreds of hardscape materials on display along with a full display of backyard and patio ideas.