Soilcare Calculator

Seeing is believing…… and that is how we feel about our Wind River Microbes!

If you are not familiar with microbes and their benefits, we encourage you to click on, check out, and learn more on SoilCare and BioSoil product pages.
In our effort to help make it easier for our customers to determine the amount needed for their specific application and the respective costs, we have built a calculator to help make it easy.

When Using Soil Microbe products we asked you to keep these things in mind as you calculate your usage(s):


The base usage of application are 1-2oz of Soil Care per gallon of water for flower and vegetable gardens as well as individual plants.

  • 1 oz per gallon for maintenance
  • 2 oz’s per gallon to boost plant growth and start getting to healthier soil.

This Calculator is averaging a garden size to be 200 sqft. This equats to a 10 by 20 garden. A small garden is considered to be 100 sqft. To feed a family of four a 800 sqft garden is recommended for continuous supply.


For Lawn applications, the usage amount all depends on your Soil’s CEC number. (Cation Exchange Capacity) Don’t know what your CEC number is, or how to find it? See our blog on What Is Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) Number in soil, and why is it important.

  • For routine maintenance: 1 oz per 1000 sqft.
  • 2 oz’s per 1000 sqft to boost and help your soil when in the 10-14 average healthy range.
  • 3 oz’s per 1000 sqft if your soil is sandy or below the 10 CEC threshold.

If you dont know your CEC Number, Use the < 10 application

Total Monthly Cost:

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