Wind River BioSoil


*Comes in 64 Oz*

Wind River BioSoil is the perfect solution if you are planting or tending to trees, shrubs, and other woody plants!

The unique formula of Wind River BioSoil acts as a pathogen inhibitor, is anti-fungal, and stimulates growth.

Similar to other Wind River Microbes products, BioSoil increases water retention, controls nitrogen fixation, breaks down soil contaminants, balances pH, and increases oxygenation among other things. Using Wind River BioSoil can also help you decrease costs by requiring you to use fewer fertilizer inputs.


  • Designed specifically for woody plants like trees and shrubs
  • Increases water retention and aeration
  • Unlocks soil-bound nutrients
  • Functions well in topsoil and subsoil
  • Formula is more fungal dominant
  • Includes phosphorus-cycling genera like Bacillu, and Pseudomonas
Check Out The BioSoil Detail Sheet.
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