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Grabo Pro Vacuum Lifter

grabo pro vacuum lifter 4
Unlike the other solutions, this vacuum lifter is portable and handy. The promise of “Heavy Lifting - Made Easy” is really shown here, as the GRABO Pro is one of the most useful items to have in your hardscaping arsenal.

Permeable Pavement Systems

permeable pavement 1

Introduction to Permeable Pavement Systems In recent years paver manufacturers, homeowners, commercial businesses, and contractors alike have become more environmentally conscious than ever before and have taken serious steps to help in the recovery and conservation of stormwater. Lancaster’s area…

Installing Polymeric Sand Guide

installing polymeric sand

Installing Polymeric Sand Guide on a Hardscape Patio, Walkway or Driveway Installing polymeric sand on your finished hardscape project must be done with care to ensure a long-lasting finish. Improper watering of the polymeric sand in your installed outdoor hardscape patio,…

hardscape patio with pergola and fireplace lancaster pa

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We can help with Do-it-Yourself supplies or provide a design for professional installation. Its time to start dreaming!