GFTK Xtreme Plus: VDW 835 N Epoxy Paving Grout


  • For medium to heavy traffic loads
  • For joint widths from 1/4″
  • Slightly water permeable
  • Self-compacting
  • Can be applied in the rain
  • Quick re-opening to traffic
  • Can be applied from > 37ºF surface temperature
  • No whitening

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What Is GFTK Epoxy Paving Grout?

GFTK has been the pioneering leader of innovative paving joint mortar systems based on epoxy resins for over 30 years! The GFTK epoxy paving grouts are top-of-the-line, industry-leading, and revolutionary. Gone are the days of poly sand. These higher quality, durable, and long-lasting epoxy grouts are made for use in light to heavy traffic areas. 

You can apply them on your patio, driveway, or even commercially on streets. Sauders Hardscape Supply currently offers 5 GFTK products. 

epoxy paving grout

About The VDW 835N Epoxy Paving Grout

The VDW 835N epoxy paving grout was made primarily for use with small format natural stone and concrete pavers in areas that see heavy traffic. Examples would be driveways, parking areas, and regular roads. Whether you’re a homeowner or an experienced contractor, the VDW 835 epoxy paving grout is the best and most long-lasting solution for you. 

This product was designed for use in residential and commercial settings. 

Features Of The VDW 835N Epoxy Paving Grout

  • Can Be Applied In Wet Weather Conditions and Low Temperatures

This means that you no longer need to put off jobs and can get paid even during rainy weather

  • Durable and Long-Lasting

With years of research going into this epoxy paving grout, you can be sure that you’re making the right investment. GFTK epoxy paving grouts have a lifespan of 28 to 32 years! They can also withstand heavy use far better than poly sand. Pressure washers, heavy objects, and anything else that regularly hinders jointing compounds are not an issue with GFTK products. 

  • Frost and De-Icing Salt Resistant

The VDW 835N Epoxy Paving Grout is also perfect for colder climates. Even the coldest winters don’t compare to the strength of resin sand. 

Epoxy Resin Grout In North America

GFTK’s 2-Part Resin Line is mostly a new product in the North American hardscaping industry. GFTK has been pioneering hardscaping products like this for over 30 years! With lots of research and development going into these epoxy paving grouts, it’s time to bring them into the American market. We believe that GFTK provides the highest quality jointing compound currently in the market. That’s why we are proud to partner with PHNA and GFTK to bring contractors, dealers, and homeowners a product that they can rely on! For more information, you can contact us at (717) 354-5570.

GFTK 2-Part Resin Sand Demo and Installation

GFTK Epoxy Resin Grouts are more technical than poly sand and wet sands. If you try to apply this jointing compound like any poly sand or wet sand, you will end up with a problem rather than a solution. To get the proper information and research on GFTK’s epoxy paving grout, watch the video below. We partnered with Tussey Landscape to give you an in-depth look at this product. The video also contains other useful information like pros and cons, cost, efficiency, an installation guide, and a strength test to show you how strong GFTK epoxy paving grouts are.

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