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Plant And Soil Microbes For Sale


How Do Soil Microbes Work?

With years of research and development behind them, Wind River Plant Microbes are designed to benefit your plants and your produce. The soil microbes for sale from Wind River balance the populations of beneficial bacteria within the ecosystem. The overall goal is to keep a high amount of good microbes so they can fend off pathogens and invasive species. When we achieve this goal, nutrient conversion rates and overall healthy growth rates soar through the roof, all while saving you money and time.

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Uses for Windriver Soil Microbes


What Are the Benefits of BioSoil Microbes?

Water retention 

Introducing this soil amendment into your plants' ecosystem will break down the soil, giving water room to seep into your plants' root systems. This is helpful for the root systems of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants as it helps the water permeate deeper into the roots. This helps the roots of any plant to grow quickly and penetrate deeper into the soil. 

Protecting Your Environment

Our BioSoil soil amendment is a natural and clean way to improve the growth of your plants. Not only is this soil amendment safe for the environment, but the microbes will also help your plants, trees, and shrubs to thrive. This method of plant care is also very sustainable, and you won’t have to worry about buildup over time. If you care about keeping harmful pesticides and fertilizers out of our ecosystems, this is an excellent solution for you.

Resistance to Disease

Using our product as a soil amendment will help protect your plants and trees from soil-borne diseases. They help create a protective barrier by colonizing around the root system. This helps prevent the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria. Woody plants are already teaming with microbes to help defend against pathogens and pests such as blight, rust, root rot, and insects. 

Cost saving 

We have this soil amendment for sale not only for the purpose of keeping your plants healthy but also to reduce the cost of expensive fertilizers and plant food. You won’t have to use nearly as much fertilizer to keep your plants healthy year-round by giving them the nutrients they need.

Improved Nutrition 

By breaking down organic matter, this soil amendment releases essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. As a plant grows and develops, it needs these essential nutrients to flourish, and microbes provide a way to get this vital food to your plants.

Additional Functions

  • Reduces salinity and breaks down heavy metals in soil
  • It inhibits Mold and powdery mildew.
  • It helps balance pH levels.
  • Increases aeration in compact soils

“It is our duty, as agriculturalists, to be stewards of our land.”

More and more agricultural lands are collapsing every year. Farms that have been in family possession for generations are folding, and urbanization is taking over. Younger generations are moving on different things, and plots of land are being unattended and left in the dust. Now more than ever is the time for action and save our land. Taking care of what God has given us by bringing life to soils and restoring the foundation of agriculture.

Stories and Testimonials

Cotton Farm Soilcare Test in Oklahoma

This Cotton Crop in Butler, Oklahoma. With fertilizer prices go up year after year. Greg collins made the switch to Soil care. After comparing side by side with a neighbor's field planted at the same time. The crop was treated with soilcare and produced whiter, fuller, and more robust plants. Higher quality crops mean better outcomes when harvesting and selling at market.

Restore OKC for Urban Farming

The Restore OKC Urban Garden Center uses a wide variety of growing types and techniques, from vertical farming aeroponics to hydroponics and Aquaponics. Alongside their traditional farming techniques, Wherever Soil Care was used, they saw beneficial results not only in the health of their soil and plants but also in the health of their aquaponic fish.

Bio Soil Test at Northern Nurseries

A Side-by-side comparison test treated 10 azaleas mixed with Biosoil sprayed on the foliage and straight Biosoil applied to the soil. The other 10 azaleas were only watered. The man at the nursery continued to treat the 10 azaleas twice a week with the mixed Biosoil spraying the foliage. He only watered the other 10 azaleas for two weeks.

After Two Weeks, the difference is outstanding!
Treating with BioSoil Supercharged the azalea's growing and flowering ability! The treated ones pushed out all of their blooms, and the untreated ones barely had any blooms.

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