Zentro Smokeless Fire Pits

Smokeless Fire Pit Inserts For Sale In PA

Warm up without Smoke Being in your Face

Whether you are out camping in the woods or simply spending time in your backyard, sitting around a fire usually brings family and friends together. But at the same time, the smoke from the fire pit usually sends people shuffling around the campfire to find a temporary blind spot. No one likes smelling like smoke after a campfire and they especially don’t like having the smoke blow on their face. With our new Zentro Smokeless Fire Pit, you can start enjoying your fire without the worry of smoke. The Zentro™ line of fire pits is designed to easily fit into any existing or new paver, patio or stone fire pit in your outdoor living space. This smokeless fire pit fits ring sizes ranging from 30″ to 47″ in diameter.


Download the Zentro Smokeless Fire Pits Catalog below and choose your favorite style. Once you have made your choice, give us a call and start enjoying nights with friends and family around the fire with this Smokeless Fire Pit.

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Smokeless Fire Pits – How It Works

  1. Main air supply enters between the stone and the metal ring.
  2. Secondary air supply rises through double outer walls and exits from the holes at the top of the pit.
  3. Hot oxygen enters the top of the pit through small holes, mixing with smoke and causing it to re-burn.
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Lancaster Made

Our Smokeless Fire pit units are proudly made by the Amish Craftsman in the heart of Lancaster County. Support the local economy while it helps you keep warm.

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How To Build A Smoke-less Fire Pit

Step by Step Installation Process

  1. Measure
  2. Mark
  3. Dig
  4. Remove all the grass
  5. Sand the area
  6. Level the area
  7. Add blocks
  8. Use high-temp adhesive to stack blocks on top of each other
  9. Build 4 courses for at least 16″ of height
  10. Lower Zentro into the center

Enjoy Your Smokeless Fire Pit