GFTK Xtreme Ceramic: VDW 815 Grouting Binder


  • For light to medium traffic loads
  • For flags and slabs, specially designed for ceramic tiles
  • Water permeable
  • Self-compacting
  • Can even be applied in light rain and at low temperatures
  • No resin film
  • No whitening
  • Highly abrasion and mechanical sweeper-resistant
  • Can be applied from > 37ºF surface temperature

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What is Epoxy Mortar?

GTFK Xtreme Grouting Binder is a great epoxy mortar product that combines advanced technology with high-quality materials to deliver exceptional strength, durability, and sustainability performance. This product offers unmatched strength, durability, and sustainability if you want a high-performance solution for your ceramic tile installation. In this description, we’ll discuss the superior performance of GTFK Epoxy mortar and how it can help you complete your job.

Benefits Of GTFK Ceramic Grouting Binder


Strength And Durability

Epoxy Mortar is known for its exceptional strength and durability. It forms a robust and resilient bond between tiles, providing superior resistance to cracking, staining, and other forms of damage. It can withstand anything from heavy foot traffic and moisture to UV exposure and chemicals. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas and outdoor applications. With epoxy mortar, you can be assured that your tile will stand the test of time.



Epoxy mortar is an environmentally friendly choice for tile installations. It is made with eco-friendly materials that reduce its impact on the environment. It does not contain harmful chemicals, solvents, or VOCs that can harm the environment or pose a health risk to anyone exposed.

Low Water Absorption

Low Water Absorption

Outdoor tiles are exposed to rain, snow, and other forms of moisture, which can lead to water penetration and damage over time. Our epoxy mortar has low water absorption properties, reducing the risk of mold, mildew, or other water-related issues. This makes epoxy mortar an ideal choice for outdoor ceramic tile installations, ensuring a more extended lifestyle for your tiles.

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Easy to clean and maintain

Outdoor tile installations can accumulate dirt, stains, and other debris over time, especially in high-traffic areas. Epoxy mortar is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Consistent cleaning can keep your outdoor space looking fresh and sharp for years to come.

Epoxy Mortar is a top-notch solution for outdoor ceramic tile installations; its superior strength, crack resistance, low water absorption, and easy absorption make it a reliable choice for outdoor applications. Invest in epoxy mortar for your next or current outdoor project, and enjoy long-lasting, durable, and beautiful tile installation that will withstand the test of time.

Application Guide

Here is a complete guide for everything you need to know about applying your epoxy mortar. We understand that installing tile can seem like a complicated process, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help. 

Site Preparation 

Ensure the construction site has a stable, load-bearing structure and a water-permeable sub-base that is installed according to anticipated traffic loads. VDW grouting is suitable for small to large-format paving and should not be used to compensate for the settlement of the substructure or for sealing and waterproofing surfaces. 815 Grouting Binder can be applied on damp paving, in high humidity, and even in the rain. 

Clean the surface thoroughly of dirt, cement residue, or any other contaminants, then clean out all the joints to the required depth. Thoroughly pre-wet the entire surface of the paving and mask all the surfaces that are not to be jointed. 

Mixing The Epoxy Mortar 

  1. Pre-mix the resin-coated aggregate materials (Component A) of VDW 815 in a clean pail. 
  2. Add the liquid hardener (Component B) from the bottle to the pail and mix with a drill and spheric paddle mixers until smooth.
  3. Mix for at least 3-5 minutes.

Caution: Do not use a material that isn’t thoroughly mixed, and do not add water during the process.

auger product image

Superior Auger Mixer, 5”

Filling The Joints

Apply the mixe VDW 815 grouting Binder immediately after mixing by pouring it directly onto the pre-wetted surface, then work the seld-compacting material into the joint using a rubber squeegee. If the compound hardens too quickly, you can re-moisten it by lightly spraying water on it from a hose. 

Extra notes: Keep paved area constantly wet during this process. Do not mic only parts of this product, and do not use any unmixed materials. 

Brushing Off 

Remove any excess VDW 815 grouting Binder residue from the area after 5 minutes using a damp coconut fiber brush. Lightly spray water from a hose on the joints without washing material out of the joints. The next step is to clean the paved surface towards the areas that must be joined. Do not allow water-containing residues to stand, dry out, or run off over completed areas. Finally, remove any leftover residues with water and a coconut brush.

Important Information

Avoid walking on freshly applied areas for at least 24 hours or until the paving surface is no longer tacky. A very thin layer of resin binder may remain on rough surfaces that are not thoroughly cleaned, but it will disappear over time as it is exposed to the elements.

Weight 22 lbs

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