An all weather hardscape jointing product that can be used no matter what the weather conditions are before, during, or after application. The use of water to wash and fill the joints assists the paving grout to compact into the joints. The wash and sweep application method makes it faster and easier than traditional methods. Follow our instructions, and there will be no staining or framing. Safe to use with natural stone or concrete paving. Opened tubs of EASYJoint can be kept for later use by covering the compound with a minimum of 2″ of water.

  • Truly an all-weather jointing compound
  • Very fast and easy to use
  • No staining when installed according to our instructions
  • Comes in a 28lb tub
  • Read more at azpects.co.uk

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What Is EasyJoint?

EasyJoint is a state-of-the-art, environmentally safe, and highly researched wet sand joint compound! Originally, this hardscape product was available in parts of Europe but we are excited to be a distributor of this amazing jointing compound. 

EasyJoint is an ALL-weather paver joint sand that is actually designed to be applied in wet conditions. You can use this product for natural stone, concrete, clay, and porcelain pavers! 

easyjoint paver joint sand

What Are The Benefits Of EasyJoint?

  1. No More Putting Off Work – Because EasyJoint is an all-weather paver joint sand, you don’t need to reschedule jobs because of the rain. You can get paid and continue working undisturbed with this paver joint sand. 
  2. Long-Lasting Paver Joint Sand – Wet sand is actually one of the best options for homeowners and contractors because of its ability to perform. The lifespan of a wet paver joint sand is around 8-12 years. 
  3. No Staining or Hazing – If you follow our guide below and install the paver joint sand correctly, there will be no staining or hazing on the patio pavers. This is because of the use of water during installation.

Features Of EasyJoint Paver Joint Sand?

Fast and Easy To Use – Using water to wash and fill the joints between the paving is a breakthrough in jointing methodology. The water assists the paver joint sand to compact into the joints so there really is no need to “strike” the joints unless you’re going for a smoother finish. This also cuts down application time and makes it much simpler. 

Technically Advanced Paver Jointing Sand – EasyJoint has been researched and developed for years. This means that this paver jointing sand is a market leader in wet sand jointing compounds. 

No Waste – Having leftover paver jointing compound can be tricky and most of the time, it goes to waste. With EasyJoint, this is no longer an issue. Opened tubs of EasyJoint can be kept for late use. All you have to do is cover the remaining paver jointing sand with a minimum of 2” or more water. This feature also makes EasyJoint environmentally friendly. 

paver jointing sand

EasyJoint Application Guide 

Step 1 – Wet The Paving 

Before starting work, make sure that your work area is wet. It is crucial to keep the paving wet throughout the application process. 

Step 2 – Start Working 

You can start the application process now. It is preferred that you work with someone. One person doing the sweeping and one person on the hose. You can cut this process down to just one person with our hydro-broom! This product was designed specifically for EasyJoint application and lets you control water flow through a broom. You can find the hydro-broom here. 

Step 3 – Keep Washing The Paving

The person on the hose should keep up with the sweeper as well as move ahead to areas that they will hit next. This ensures that the area is kept wet. 

Step 4 – Top Up The Joints 

Allow any excess water to drain away. Top up any sagging joints with more EasyJoint and repeat the washing process. 

Step 5 – Final Wash 

A final gentle spray of water cleans the surface of any EasyJoint residue and will aid in the final compaction process. 

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

This step is optional but is recommended for a smoother finish. Grab a suitable finish tool once the paving has dried and is free of water. This ensures that the paver joint sand will retain its shape.

EasyJoint Paver Joint Sand For Wholesale

Are you a contractor looking to stock up? We also have a sister company that offers EasyJoint for wholesale at a cheaper price per tub. Check out our wholesale website down below!

EasyJoint Application Tutorial Video

Weight 28 lbs
EasyJoint Color

Carbon (Select Line), Tungsten (Select Line), Mushroom, Buff, Stone Grey, Basalt, Jet Black

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