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GFTK Xtreme: VDW 833 2-Part Resin Jointing Compound

The 2 Part Resin Mixer Assembly Is Required For Use

  • For light to medium traffic loads
  • For joint widths from 3/8″
  • Water permeable
  • Self-compacting
  • Can be applied to ground temperatures of > 37°F
  • Can be applied in the rain

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What Is GFTK Resin Jointing Compound?

GFTK has been the leading provider of innovative paving joint mortar systems based on epoxy resins for over 30 years! The high-quality, durable, and long-lasting grouts are perfect for all kinds of traffic, low and heavy. You can apply them to your patio and even your driveway without worry because it’s guaranteed to last longer than poly sand and even wet sand jointing compounds. You can have peace of mind, knowing that there will be no more future maintenance issues with GFTK’s Resin Jointing Compound. 

We currently have 5 GFTK Products available on our online store. 

About The VDW 833 Resin Jointing Compound

VDW 833 resin jointing compound is a great choice for small-format natural stone and concrete pavers in areas that see medium to heavy traffic. Unlike poly sand or wet sand, you can apply this resin jointing compound on your driveway! For professional contractors looking to build their reputation on quality workmanship, this product is amazing. You can give your customers a patio that will last them 20+ years. 

Check out more details on the VDW 833 by reading through the spec sheet for more technical information. 

resin jointing compound

Features of the VDW 833 Resin Jointing Compound

  • Fully Water Permeable

You might be thinking that a drawback to these products would be that they are non-pervious, but it’s actually the opposite. Not only is the VDW 833 resin jointing compound durable, but it’s also permeable! 

  • Can Be Applied In The Rain

Another amazing feature of GFTK products is that they can be applied to your patio or driveway in the rain. No more putting off jobs and missing paydays because of weather conditions. They work just as well applied wet. 

  • Long Lifespan

One of the best features of the VDW 833 Resin Jointing Compound is its durability and strength. Although this 2-part resin line is more expensive than poly or wet sand, it actually is a better investment long term as they’ll last you for 20+ years. And with little to no maintenance required, you actually pay less in the long run.

About Resin Jointing Compound 

Epoxy Jointing Compounds are actually relatively new in the North American hardscape scene, although it’s been used in Europe for a while. The research and development behind this product are very thorough, with over 30 years of time invested in learning this product. Epoxy Jointing Compounds are more technical than poly and wet sands. Instead of just opening up a box and dumping it onto your pavers, you have to mix a few components together before dumping. 
The 2 Part Resin Mixer Assembly Is Required For Use.

GFTK 2-Part Resin Demonstration Video For Application

Check out the video we did with Tussey Landscape where we take a deeper into GFTK’s epoxy paving jointing compounds and how they compare against poly sand and wet sand. We also discuss pros and cons, cost, and efficiency and show an installation guide to help you learn how to use GFTK products. It’s recommended you view this video before starting installation so you can get the proper training.

Weight 55 lbs

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