ProVia Veneer Stone Siding

ProVia Veneer Stone offers multiple color palettes in all the manufactured stone products. Each manufactured stone is carefully selected from unique regions and then skillfully molded and cast. The use of raw pigments and oxides creates a unique rich color in each stone. The ProVia Veneer collection can be used individually to add visual appeal to any room or outdoor living space. Visit the ProVia Website or call us for more details.



Fancy your home with esthetically pleasing ProVia Veneer Ledgestone todd character and beauty to your home. The Ledgestone changes shadows between pieces as the sun changes its positions. When you purchase your ProVia Veneer Stone Siding from Sauders Hardscape Supply, we would be happy to connect you with an installer. Call 717-354-5570 to get started.

Ledgestone ProVia Veneer Siding

Dry Stack ProVia Veneer Stone

If sophistication and unique style are what you are seeking for your home, then the Drystack Veneer is the right fit for you. Drystack Stone comes in 11 different Color Palettes. For a completely different look, consider using variation in grout colors. Call Us today to schedule a showroom visit for a preview of Drystack Veneer Stone for your home, an outdoor wall or interior fireplace stone.

Veneer Stone from ProVia

ProVia Veneer Limestone

The Limestone Collection will give you endless choices in stone veneer from square to Rectangular to chiseled. This VENEER STONE is replicated from real midwestern limestone. Limestone Manufactured Veneer is noted for shape, texture, and character. Call us now at 717-354-5570 to get started.

Buy Veneer Stone ProVia Limestone


Fieldstone veneer is our collection of rugged, textured manufactured stone distinguished by its distinct edges and tight-fitting application. Its uniqueness and character make an impression wherever Fieldstone veneer is used. Visit ProVia Website to view the full collection.


River Rock ProVia Veneer Stone

This Stone Veneer is inspired by the rocks found in rivers and streams, this veneer is popular stone for many siding projects. we have two color palettes in our river rock veneer. Call us to discuss details.

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